Port Campbell town was settled in the 1870s, with the first wharf being constructed in 1880.  The first Port Camble post office was opened in on 19 March 1874. It was changed to Port Campbell West in 1881 when a new Port Campbell office opened near the wharf. Port Campbell Shopping located in Campbell it is the major retail store closest to the 12 Apostles on the Great Ocean Road.

Consisting of a Supermarket, Newsagency, Post Office, Packaged Liquor, One hour Photo Developing, Digital Services, Camping and Fishing needs, Confectionary and drinks , we supply souvenirs and postcards of the 12 Apostles and other famous attractions within the Port Campbell National Park and beyond. The range covers an extensive and comprehensive list of items, some of which are local history books, nature books and maps

Our wide varieties of product together with our experienced and friendly staff ensure that we cater for the visitor travelling or staying while exploring the natural wonders of the Port Campbell National Park.

Port Campbell Shopping Center has always been the town’s cash point as no banking facilities are available. Our on site ATM together with EFTPOS facilities ensures customer satisfaction.


Port Campbell Climate

Victoria is the second smallest state of Australia with a land area of 227,600 square kilometers. It has typical Mediterranean climate with warm, dry summer months and abundant rainfall during wintertime. This climate has helped produced amazing limestone cliffs of Port Campbell and coal seams in Latrobe Valley.

According to historical accounts, the climate in the area cooled down fifteen million years ago. Evident results are limetones with microscopic fossils and brown coal seams deposits. Sea animals that thrive in tropical waters migrated back to Brisbane and replaced by marine creatures which enjoy cold water temperature.

Port Campbell Climate is generally temperate and warm.  The average temperature is 13.9 degrees Celsius and 923mm precipitation fall every year. There is 85 mm precipitation difference between wet and dry months. There is a variation of 8.7 degrees Celsius throughout the whole year.

The seasons of Port Campbell is opposite of United Kingdom. Spring time begins in the month of September. Summer commences in December. Autumn season officially starts in March. Winter starts in June of each year.

The warmest month is February with temperature of 18.4 degrees Celsius. The coldest period is during July with an average temperature of 9.7 degrees Celsius.